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Hello! I'm Crystal, aka darkly dreaming. I'm 34 and live in the Midwestern USA. I've been back into PSP since November of 2010. Prior to that I tried PSP for about a year back in 2005 or 2006. I've just recently begun trying my hand at tutorials. If you try one of my tuts and would like to show me what you made, please email me at darklydreaming33@hotmail.com. Happy Tagging!
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Autumns Flame

This tutorial was written by me on 11/6/11.
Any resemblance to other tutorials is a coincidence.
Click on image to view full size + animation.

1) Tube of Choice. I'm using one called "13-3" by Anna Marine. This is a PTU tube, which can be purchased at CDO.
2) Scrapkit of Choice. I'm using the PTU kit Autumns Flame by Baby Cakes Scraps which you can get at Vivid to Vintage Scraps.
3) Mask of choice. I used Vix Big Mask 018, available here.
4) Fonts of Choice

Let's get Started....

1) Open new image, 700x700, transparent background.
2) Open Red Paper 5. Copy and paste as new layer. Apply our Mask. Merge Mask group. Resize by desired amount.
3) Open Cluster Frame 3. Resize by 40%. Copy and paste as new layer.
4) Select your selection tool and set to circle. Draw a circle that matches the inside of the frame. Open Orange Paper 6. Copy and paste as new layer. Selections Invert, delete. Drag paper under the cluster frame.
5) Add drop shadow of choice to cluster frame.
6) Click on your circle paper layer. Select All, Float, Defloat. Open close up tube, copy and paste as new layer. Selections invert, delete. Select none.
7) Duplicate tube layer. On bottom layer, change blend mode to Soft Light. On top layer, change blend mode to Darken and lower opacity to 77. Add drop shadow of choice to bottom layer.
8) Resize tag by 90% (all layers)
9) Merge your tube layers together. Apply Mosaic Antique with default settings.
10) Open main tube. Copy and paste as new layer. Add drop shadow.
11) Open cluster. Copy and paste as new layer behind our main tube. Resize by 80%. Add drop shadow.
12) Open Butterfly. Image Mirror. Resize by 20%. Copy and paste as new layer. Resize again by 50%. Add drop shadow. Duplicate as many times as you'd like and arrange.
13) Open Ribbon. Resize by 50%. Copy and paste as new layer. Add drop shadow. Duplicate and drag one layer down to just above our mask frame. Then click back on the layer that's on top. Use the eraser tool to erase the bits of the ribbon that go across the yellow bow (and in my case, the butterfly).
14) Open Candle Cluster two. Resize by 15%. Copy and paste as new layer. Add drop shadow.
15) Add your copyright info + name. Export .png if you don't want an animated tag. If you want an animated tag, and you plan on making more than 1 tag, just add your copyright info for now.

Ok Let's animate...

16) Flood fill Raster 1 with color of choice. I used Black. (Since we used a mask with transparency, a gif will add up build up to the transparency, so I prefer putting a solid color behind it.)
17) Hide all layers, except your butterfly layers. Right click on your bottom butterfly layer and choose merge visible. Now duplicate our butterfly layers twice. On bottom layer, Add Noise, Uniform 20, monochrome checked. On middle layer Add Noise, Uniform 30 and on top Uniform 40.
18) Hide top and middle butterfly layers and re-open all the other layers except our main tube layer and the top ribbon layer.
21) Edit Copy Special Merged. Paste as new animation in Animation shop. Go back and hide bottom layers and open middle ones. Copy Merged. Paste after current frame in Animation shop. Go back and hide middle layers and open top ones. Copy Merged and paste after frame 2 in Animation Shop.
22) Click on Frame two. Edit copy. Paste after frame 3 so we have 4 tag frames. Minimize for now.
23) Back in PSP, hide all layers except unhide our main tube layer and the very top ribbon layer. Edit Copy merged and paste in animation shop as new animation. Duplicate once for 2 frames. Click on frame 1. Go to Insert Image transition. Select Morph, and then click on customize. Click on insert points and add points (about 3 times) until you get enough dots on the grid that you can drag out individual pieces of her hair. Drag some of those up and out or down and out slightly. Then click ok. Transition length 1.1 secs, Frames per second 1. Click ok. click on Frame 2. Copy. Paste after frame 3 so that we have 4 frames.
24) Ctrl A on our tube animation to select all frames. Open Tag animation and do Ctrl A to select all frames on it. Then drag from Frame 1 of the tube to frame 1 of the tag and place our tube in the tag. Ctrl A on combined animation and set Frame properties to 50. View animation and if happy, save as a .mng so you can add names.
25) Back in PSP, add your name. Copy and paste as new animation in Animation Shop. Right click and insert frames from empty, 3, 2. Then repeat step 24 to drag your name into the saved mng animation. Export your .gif.

Thanks for trying my tut!


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